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Director Straps 800W LED to a Drone for Crazy Nighttime Bike Shoot

8 days ago   |   By Peta Pixel

We've already shown you how mounting a powerful bank of LEDs to a drone can create some mind-bending, totally unique photos and video . But this nighttime mountain bike shoot by French photographer and director Hadrien Picard takes it to the next level of crazy.
Inspired by this video we shared back in October , Picard decided to take the “strap a bunch of LEDs to a drone” concept and transfer it to his subject of choice: action sports photography.
“I had the feeling i could bring further that idea by filming a night ride of one of the best downhill mountain biker, lit by a Drone with a...
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Creative Kid Shoots Crazy Homemade Music Video Using Just His Phone

8 days ago   |   By Peta Pixel

A young kid named Isaiah Xavier is blowing up the Internet with a homemade music video he created using just his phone and a lip syncing app named Without exaggerating, we can say this video is one of the most impressive smartphone creations we've ever seen.
Unless you're a Social Media Manager by trade you probably haven't seen a lot of videos around. The app lets users set popular songs over videos of themselves lip syncing to that song or otherwise performing.
That's exactly what Xavier did using the song “Addicted to My Ex” by M-City J.r... except his creation...
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